Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Hacking-Lab is proud to announce the first free, online LEVEL1 cyber security training event. Are you interested in hacking, computers and security? But you don’t know where or how to start? LEVEL1 is the place to go. Start your cyber security journey !
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LEVEL: Beginner
Let’s start hacking…

Simple Web Hacking

LEVEL: Beginner
Very simple web hacking puzzles

Password Security

LEVEL: Beginner
Very simple password security challenges

More Cyber Security Puzzles for you


LEVEL: Intermediate
Challenge of the Month (COTM). Monthly cyber security challenge. Started in January 2023. Everyone can participate. It’s free.


LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
Annual cyber puzzle game in Advent. HV22 is history. Challenges write-ups available (soon). HV23 will start in December 2023.


LEVEL: Beginner
Very basic challenges for beginners that want to get familiar with hacking, computers and security. Visit the challenge platform.

Cyber Security Austria

Du bist verboten gut? Dann zeig es uns.

Die Cyber Security Austria organisiert gemeinsam mit Hacking-Lab die jährliche Austrian Cyber Security Challenge. Für Österreich und ganz Europa ist es wichtig, dass wir junge Talente entdecken und fördern. Die LEVEL1 Challenge ist hierzu ideal, um einen leichten Einstieg ins Thema zu gewinnen.

Hacking-Lab Resources


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Kookarai Pentesting Linux

Kali based Linux virtual machine with Hacking-Lab VPN and additional Hacking-Lab extensions. Read more


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Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

Cyber Range

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is used to conduct cyber security exercises and simulations, allowing individuals and organizations to practice and test their cyber defenses and incident response capabilities.

CTF Event

Hacking-Lab is running many public and private capture the flag (CTF) events. In a CTF, you will have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of areas such as web security, penetration testing, forensics and more.


Please visit the Hacking-Lab blog that will explain how to start and work with Hacking-Lab. It will explain reverse shells and more. This is a recommended for everyone interested to work with Hacking-Lab.

Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

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